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ReImagine Herbalism in a Weekend® Experience (Digital)

Herbalism in a Weekend®

Tap into the Ancient Wisdom & Embrace the Magic of Herbs

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will awaken your ancestral ties,
enhance your intuition,
and connect you to the mystical realm of herbs?

Unlock the power of the plant kingdom in a way that intertwines the mysticism of the stars!

Welcome to "Herbalism in a Weekend®", where ancient wisdom meets the latest holistic trends like Astrological Herbalism, Human Design, and Cardology - designed to take you deep into the secrets of the plant kingdom.

🌙 Astrological Herbalism:
• Heaven Meets Earth: Understand how the movement and position of celestial bodies directly influence the potency and efficacy of herbs.
• Plant & Planet Synergy: Discover which herbs resonate with different zodiac signs, optimizing their healing properties.

🌌 Human Design and Herbs:
• Herbs & Your Aura Type: Understand how your unique design - whether you're a Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Reflector, or Manifesting Generator - plays a role in your herbal interactions.
• Digesting Life & Plants: Delve into how your unique centers and channels impact the way you assimilate herbs.• 

Your Herbal Roadmap:

  • Holistic Medicine Making: Dive hands-on into the alchemy of transforming plants into potent medicines - infusions, decoctions, and tinctures.

  • Herbalist’s Treasure Chest: Receive a comprehensive guide on where to source ethically grown, high-vibrational herbs, and how to keep them energetically charged.

  • Energetic Herbalism: Explore the subtle energy signatures of plants, understanding their 'personality', and how they interact with human energy fields.

  • Plant Spirit Meditations: Engage in guided sessions aimed at forming a sacred connection between you and the spirit of the plants.

  • Herbal Almanac: Access a plethora of herbal recipes from tonics, balms, to elixirs – catered for various health and spiritual needs.

  • Materia Medica Mastery: Equip yourself with an extensive, downloadable compendium of herbs, their uses, contraindications, and energetic properties.

A Word from Our Creator:

"My journey into the heart of herbalism has been one of revelation, passion, and profound connection. Through "Herbalism in a Weekend®", I extend my hand to lead you down this enchanting path, ensuring every step is grounded in authentic, ancestral wisdom, and illuminated by innovative techniques."Embark on this journey with a tribe of 80 like-minded souls. Spaces are limited and fill up fast.

"I am not just a Master Herbalist. I am a spiritual guide, a teacher, and a mentor. Many of you have resonated with my thoughts on Clubhouse or been inspired by my posts on social media. My mission goes beyond just educating. It's about awakening, it's about remembering, it's about connecting. Let me guide you through the labyrinths of ancestral wisdom and the exciting world of herbs. Let's make this journey profound. Let’s make it transformational!"

Your path to profound herbal wisdom begins here. Dive in, and let’s co-create magic!

💫 Why Attend?

Whether it's understanding how the alignment of stars influences herbal remedies, discovering how your unique human design relates to herbal choices, or navigating the universe of Herbal Cardology, our weekend program is a beacon for those seeking more. It’s not just about the knowledge, but about the experience, the connection, and the transformation.

Benefits of Herbalism in a Weekend®:

Be the Healer: Master the power of herbs to become a beacon of healing for your community or even kickstart your own Healing Arts and Herbal Business.

Craft Your Daily Wellness Ritual: Dive deep into practices that will uplift your spirit and revitalize your body daily.

Simplicity of Wellness: Let’s dispel myths. Wellness is innate, it’s intuitive, and we're here to guide you back to that essence.

7 Modules

ReImagine Herbalism in a Weekend® Guide [Download + Printable]

ReImagine Herbalism in a Weekend® Guide

[Download +  Printable]

Bonus: Materia Medica Worksheets [Printable]

Materia Medica for recording your relationship and journey with your plant allies. 

Bonus: Digital Herbal Reference Book [Downloadable]

Perfect Book Herbal Reference Book to add to your Herbal Library

Bonus: Herbal Remedies Formulation Worksheet (Printable)

Herbal Formulation Worksheet
Resource to Make Herbal Formulations with Ease 

Bonus: Carrier Oil Quick Reference Sheet [Download + Printable]

Carrier Oil Quick Reference Sheet [Download + Printable]

Modules for this product 7
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