Let's Curate, Design and Manifest Your Life of Fulfillment! 

Welcome... Eclectic Soul Collective Academy

Excited to teach and educate Women + Men how to Curate, Design and Manifest a Life that Feels so Good You Don't need a Vacation from it!  

We are excited to help Unconventional Women (Men) Live Unconventional Lives!!  Remember creating a life that feels good and fulfilling all starts with amazing wellness, this is why Holistic Wellness and Herbalism is the foundation of all we do!

Eclectic Soul Collective Framework:
Herbalism, Metaphysics and Wellness + Purpose Alignment + Creative Self-Expression + Profitable Work = Fulfillment

Available Products

Herbalism in a Weekend Experience -July 2021

Designed to educate you on how to create a Daily Wellness Ritual, that empowers you to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life. You may want to start your own Herbal Business after this weekend! I am here to help you if you are interested in herbal wellness for your home or a business I can assist you with all of it! 

Wellness in the Kitchen - Recipes

Jumpstart Your Wellness and Immune Support with these simple ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen! 

Herbalist + Maker + Apothecary Resource Guide

The Herbalist + Maker + Apothecary Resource Guide is designed to put all the best Supplier and Raw Ingredient resources at your fingertips.

Pop-Up Shop Success Secret (90 Day) Planner (Digital-Printable-Downloadable)

Pop-Up Shop Success Secret Planner - 90 Day Planner designed to help you plan and track all of your Pop-Up Shop experiences as a Herbalist + Maker. 

Beginner: Learn How to Use Canva for Business

Beginner: Learn How to Use Canva for Business

Canva Video Training (2 parts)...
Beginners Step by Step  + How to Design using Canva

Learn how to make your own social media graphics, and business images using Canva. 

Girl Just Manifest It - Masterclass

Learn Step by Step 6 Keys to Manifesting Your Best Life Now! Lifestyle Freedom is only a Vision and an Action Plan away!! 

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