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Welcome... Eclectic Sacred Living Academy

Where Sensual Feminine Confidence and Sensual Feminine Entrepreneurship is the Foundation for Women to Redefine their Womanhood, Sensuality, Fulfillment and Entrepreneurship

We are excited to guide, mentor and teach Sensual Feminine Confidence and Sensual Feminine Entrepreneurship

Our virtual Eclectic Sacred Living Academy offers a wealth of resources, courses, and expert guidance on topics such as: Ancestral Spiritual Herbalism, Sensual Feminine Confidence, Manifestation, Sensual Feminine Entrepreneurship, and the Sacred Wisdom of Cardology, Human Design and Astrology! 

Eclectic Sacred Living Framework:
Sensual Feminine Confidence and Sensual Feminine Entrepreneurship
Guiding Women to Awaken, Embody and Live a Holistic, Sensual and Sacred Lif

Available Products

Self Publishing in a Weekend

Self Publishing in a Weekend

Introducing Self Publishing in a Weekend - the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to turn their passion for creativity and designing into a thriving profitable business. 

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a published author?

Do you want to use a book to market your personal brand,business or
create a line of published products?

Self-Publishing in a Weekend is perfect for you!

Self Publishing in a Weekend is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to self-publish their book, create a line of journals, calendars or anything your mind can conceive quickly and easily. Whether you're a complete beginner or have some experience with writing, our step-by-step guidance will help you achieve your publishing dreams in just one weekend.

What You'll Learn:

- Formatting your Book for Self-Publishing Platforms
- Learn How to Create a Professional Book Cover that grabs readers' attention
- Publishing your Book on Multiple Platforms to reach a wider audience
- Learn How to Create a Wholesale and Retail Publishing Business
- Marketing your Book to build your personal brand or business

Register Now...

June 10th + 11th, 2023
11 am - 3 pm est 
All calls will be recorded

You will learn how to publish your book on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience and market your book to build your personal brand or business. You'll be able to turn your writing skills into a powerful marketing tool that helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.

At the end of the course, you'll have the knowledge to self-publish your book in just one weekend. You will have the marketing strategies to build your personal brand or business and reach your target audience.

Everyone has a story to tell and self-publishing is the perfect way to share your message with the world. Self Publishing in a Weekend will allow you to achieve your publishing dreams to build your personal brand or business.

Self Publishing in a Weekend is your pathway to Becoming a Successful Self -Published Author!

Self Publishing in a Weekend is more than just a program - it's a community.

Cardology Study Group

Cardology Study Group with Gina and Therese...

Cardology is the art and science of the ordinary 52 Playing Cards and the Metaphysical aspects of their existence that serves as a guide as we journey through life.  

2nd and 4th Monday of every month
9pm est.

All calls will be recorded

The Cardology Study Group is designed to take your understanding of your Birth and Planetary Ruling Spreads to a new level!!  It is important to learn how to live with the energetic frequency of the cards once you have a reading. 

Let's begin the journey of studying the cards together. Grab your favorite cup of herbal tea, your journal your pen and let's deepen the understanding and application of the cards in a whole new way. 

Sensual Feminine Confidence

Sensual Feminine Confidence is the missing link to unlock the Ease Grace and Flow Lifestyle....

Your Sacred Feminine energy is the receiver the one who calls things into her world. She doesn't have to chase, hustle or take things by force. This Feminine energy is nurturing, soft, grounding with strong boundaries, and trusting of her intuition, while the Sacred Masculine Energy is present, logical, and focused with a deep desire to secure, protect and build. I am calling you home to your Sensual Feminine Confidence its your natural essence where both the feminine and masculine align and create a sweet union that allows you as a woman to embody all that life has to offer with Ease, Grace and Flow!!

The embodiment of Sensual Feminine Confidence is your natural state of being as a woman. This weekend will equip you with tools, resources and strategies to bring you home to yourself. It will allow you to upgrade your relationship with yourself, your partner/spouse and all the other relationships with people in your life. Deepen your level of Intimacy, Relax in the Embodiment of Fulfillment! Sensuality is all about pleasure in various forms - spiritually, emotionally and physically! It's igniting and engaging the 5 senses to create pleasurable experiences. This weekend is filled with upleveling and creating intentional Rituals, Self Care and Spiritual Practices all designed to elevate your Sensual Feminine Confidence. You deserve to live a life of Ease, Grace and Flow as a matter of fact...

"It's Your Birthright to Experience Pleasure in Every Area of Your Life" - Therese Prentice 

Excited to take you on a journey to Sensual Feminine Confidence in this Weekend designed to teach you the Art and Science of an Ease Grace and Flow Lifestyle!!  So excited to co-create with you!! 

Sensual Lifeprint VIP Day

Are you going through a transition or reinvention in your life,
and feeling a bit lost or disconnected from your sensual side?

Are you craving more ease, grace, and flow in your daily life,
while also wanting to honor your spirituality and ancestors?

Do you desire to have more fun, pleasure, and lifestyle freedom,
while also earning a solid six-figure income from the comfort of your own home?

If You answered YES to any of these questions,
our Sensual Lifeprint VIP Day may be just what you need!

During this exclusive, personalized VIP Day, you'll learn how to crack the secret code to your Sacred Sensual Flow, and design a life that honors and nurtures your Sensual Self, while incorporating the Art of Sacred Self Care, Sensuality, Feminine Power, Self-Expression, Alchemy, Intuition, Eclectic, and Your Connection to Nature. Me as your Sacred Wisdom Guide will co-create and explore with you, your Human Design chart, Cardology spreads, Numerology and Astrology Charts to understand your unique Lifeprint. You will guided through a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation, as you unlock your unique sensual blueprint and design a lifestyle that aligns with your passions, desires, and values.

Whether you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or simply someone seeking to live a more fulfilling and joyful life, our Sensual Lifeprint VIP Day, can help you tap into your inner power, creativity, and pleasure, while also providing practical tools and strategies for achieving your financial goals. You'll learn how to embody ease, grace, and flow in all areas of your life, while connecting with  Spirit and your Ancestors in a deeper, more meaningful way.

Cardology in a Weekend

Cardology in a Weekend
Learn How to Unlock Your Personal Power with a Deck of 52 Playing Cards...

Unlock the Sacred Wisdom locked inside of an Ordinary Deck of 52 Playing Cards to Master Thyself!!! It's time to begin a true journey of Self Mastery so you can be free with Ease, Grace and Flow in every area of life!!

What is Cardology?

It is said it dates back to the Sumerians but through the ages many myths have been sure but the common link between all of the myths are the known facts. The 52 Deck of Playing Cards is actually a book which existed long before book binding. It is said the Deck of Playing Cards is reflective of Egyptian Calendar of good and bad days and encapsulates the energetic frequency of all the solar days as we know it as the 365 Day calendar.

Locked in each Deck of 52 Playing Cards is the Blueprint of the Human Existence with a blending of the Elements, Astrology and Numerology.  Cardology helps you understand your past, present and future. It helps you align with your Soul's Purpose, Deepens Your Connection with Your Intuition and Build Your Confidence to live out your Personal Vision. 

Excited to take you on a journey of unlocking the Sacred Wisdom located right under your nose in an ordinary deck of 52 Playing Cards. This Sacred Wisdom can become the ultimate tool for your personal self discovery and self mastery!! Looking forward to being your Sacred Wisdom Guide as we navigate together!!

Girl, Just Manifest It - Masterclass

Isn't time for you to a Life and Business with Ease, Grace and Flow so you can finally Live Your Best Life? 

So many herbalist and healers in this world are not living in alignment with the laws of the universe and I want to put an end to it!!  It's not your fault! You are missing the 6 Keys I teach in Manifest Your Herbal Lifestyle Business! 

You see the laws of the universe says we live in an abundant universe and you get to have the desires of your heart!

Why are so many not actually getting to experience their desires?????

I have a solution for all of it!! 

Herbalism in a Weekend - Digital Experience

Designed to educate you on how to create a Daily Wellness Ritual, that empowers you to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life. You may want to start your own Herbal Business after this Experience! I am here to help you if you are interested in herbal wellness for your home or a business I can assist you with all of it! 

Learn how to confidently use common everyday herbs to support your wellness journey. Wellness is simple people complicate it. 

Whether you have heard me on Clubhouse or simply follow me on social media you know I am passionate about Herbalism!!  I created this class to help more people increase their knowledge of herbs and build their confidence and relationship with using herbs. 

It is my desire to elimate all excuses for your ability to gain knowledge about herbs and boost your confidence at the same time.

AI in a Weekend - Holistic Wellness Space

Learn AI to make extra income, start a new business or simply up level your skills 

Digital Business Course 
Replays Now Available Upon Purchase

Membership Creation and Site Management Guide

Introducing the Ultimate Game-Changer in the World of Online Entrepreneurship: the Membership Creation and Site Management Guide - your all-in-one solution for effortlessly building and scaling profitable digital communities. Unlock the power of recurring revenue and transform your expertise into a thriving online empire with this meticulously crafted digital info product.

Imagine having the ability to create, launch, and manage your very own membership site with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out on your journey, this toolkit empowers you to harness the true potential of your knowledge and passion, and turn it into a sustainable and lucrative business.

With our Membership Creation and Site Management Guide, you'll gain access to a treasure trove of meticulously curated resources, strategies, and cutting-edge tools that will set you apart from the competition. We've distilled years of industry expertise and insider knowledge into this comprehensive system, designed to catapult your membership site to unparalleled success.

Now is the time to turn your expertise into a thriving business and make a lasting impact on the lives of your members. The Membership Creation and Management Toolkit is your passport to financial freedom, creative fulfillment, and the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

Don't wait another moment to take control of your online destiny. Join the ranks of successful membership site owners who have transformed their lives and businesses with this game-changing toolkit. Get ready to unlock unlimited potential and skyrocket your success in the world of Digital Entrepreneurship.


Herbalist + Maker + Apothecary Resource Guide

The Herbalist + Maker + Apothecary Resource Guide is designed to put all the best Supplier and Raw Ingredient resources at your fingertips.

Pop-Up Shop Success Secret (90 Day) Planner (Digital-Printable-Downloadable)

Pop-Up Shop Success Secret Planner - 90 Day Planner designed to help you plan and track all of your Pop-Up Shop experiences as a Herbalist + Maker. 

Print on Demand Resource Guide

Print on Demand Resource Guide 

Want to create custom branded merchandise for your Herbal Lifestyle Business?

Here are 55 of the Hottest Print on Demand Companies to help you take your Branded Merchandise to a whole 'notha level. Save yourself some time when sourcing for manufacturers to produce your Custom and Branded Merchandise for your business.  

Now all you have to do is design, upload, pay for your order and wait for it to be delivered. No more stocking your home or office with unnecessary inventory plus tying up your cashflow. You will know exactly who to go to for all of your branded merchandise needs.  Print on Demand is the wave of the future now you will be in the know!!!

Wellness in the Kitchen - Recipes

Jumpstart Your Wellness and Immune Support with these simple ingredients you most likely already have in your kitchen! 

30 Ways to Monetize Your Holistic Wellness Business

30 Ways to Monetize Your Holistic Wellness Business

You can't be about this healthy lifestyle being broke!! Grab your copy of "30 Ways to Monetize Your Herbal Lifestyle Business" and get to work on building your profitable Holistic Wellness Business with ease, grace and a whole lot of flow! 

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