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Cardology Study Group

Cardology Study Group with Gina and Therese...

Cardology is the art and science of the ordinary 52 Playing Cards and the Metaphysical aspects of their existence that serves as a guide as we journey through life.  

2nd and 4th Monday of every month
9pm est.

All calls will be recorded

The Cardology Study Group is designed to take your understanding of your Birth and Planetary Ruling Spreads to a new level!!  It is important to learn how to live with the energetic frequency of the cards once you have a reading. Learn how to master yourself as you are guided by the cards to learn to live through the cards!! 

Let's begin the journey of studying the cards together. Grab your favorite cup of herbal tea, your journal your pen and let's deepen the understanding and application of the cards in a whole new way. 

2 Modules

Study Material: Cardology - Grand Solar Spreads (Plates)

Study Material...

Cardology - Grand Solar Spreads (Plates)

Spirit Spread + Life Spread 

96 Plates

Modules for this product 2
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