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Herbalism in a Weekend - Digital Experience

Herbalism in a Weekend - Digital Experience ...

Designed to educate you on how to create a Daily Wellness Ritual, that empowers you to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.  You may want to start your own Herbal Business after this Experience! I am here to help you if you are interested in herbal wellness for your home or a business I can assist you with all of it! 

Learn how to confidently use common everyday herbs to support your wellness journey. Wellness is simple people complicate it. 

Whether you have heard me on Clubhouse or simply follow me on social media you know I am passionate about Herbalism!!  I created this class to help more people increase their knowledge of herbs and build their confidence and relationship with using herbs. 

It is my desire to elimate all excuses for your ability to gain knowledge about herbs and boost your confidence at the same time.

Check out what you are going to learn in this live action oriented class... 

Your Learning Experience...

1. How to Make Herbal Medicine: Infusions, Decoctions and Tinctures

2. Where to Purchase and How to store your Herbs

3. Intro to the Energetics of Herbs

4. Developing Your Relationship with the Plants

5. Herbal Remedy Recipes

6. Downloadable Herbal Materia Medica to use during our time together and beyond. 

7. Have Fun!! 

5 Modules

Herbalism in a Weekend Guide

Herbalism in a Weekend Guide/Workbook

Replay: Herbalism in a Weekend Experience - Day 1

Replay: Herbalism in a Weekend Experience - Day 1 

Replay: Herbalism in a Weekend Experience - Day 2

Replay: Herbalism in a Weekend Experience Day 2
- Video 1 and Video 2 

Bonus: Herbal Remedies Formulation Worksheet (Printable)

Herbal Formulation Worksheet - Resource to Make Herbal Formulations with Ease 

Bonus: Materia Medica Worksheets

Materia Medica for recording your relationship and journey with your plant allies. 

Modules for this product 5
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